Nearly 2000 workstations have already upgraded to LabeltraceONE

We wanted to update you with what has been achieved since our last post about LabeltraceONE. Our support team have been busy upgrading existing Labeltrace customers to the all new LabeltraceONE over the past few months, with over 150 practices (Nearly 2000 workstations) already enjoying the benefits of the new solution.

Feedback has been extremely positive with enquiries increasing on a daily basis!

Where local health authority IT teams support Labeltrace, we have been supporting them with upgrading practices under their responsibility.

Once your practice has upgraded to LabeltraceONE, you are entitled to regular updates and new features. You can take a look at some of the features here with even more coming shortly, including:

  • Batch Printing direct from Excel/CSV files.

  • A Website to QR Code converter to neatly provide patients with information labels - to guide them to all types of NHS advice.

All existing customers with active support agreements are eligible for a free upgrade to LabeltraceONE by contacting your direct Labeltrace support provider, so please get in touch!